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PIUTEK can assist its customers dealing with the duties arising from regulatory obligations in the sector and in particular those provided for:
• CPR 305/2011 – Construction Products Regulation
• Legislative Decree 106/2017 – Adjustment of national legislation to the provisions of regulation (EU) 305/2011
• UNI EN 13241: 2016 – Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates – Product standard, performance characteristics
• 2006/42 / EEC – Machinery Directive
regarding the CE certification.
The obligation for the door and gates manufacturer for residential, commercial and industrial construction to submit their products to a series of tests, initials (ITT), to be carried out at an external accredited laboratory, and subsequently at the its headquarters, taking a door from the production, before delivery to the final customer, and submitting it to the same tests carried out at the laboratory, in order to verify the performance of:
• durability
• mechanical safety part
• safety of electrical automation
• resistance to wind load
• permeability to air and water
• thermal and acoustic insulation
The manufacturer must then release a declaration of performance (DoP) against the aforementioned standard and mark as CE the product declaring the above performances.
PIUTEK can give all the technical information on the prototype to be made, tests to be carried out, reference standards, measurements and anything else necessary to be in perfect accordance with regulatory requirements, as well as to perform the necessary training to the commercial network and to installers.