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Allow the focus of the companies on their “Core Business” by delegating different tasks and / or responsibilities in OUTSOURCING.
One of the causes of “company’s diseconomy” is that sometimes they could have more work than they can really afford, while sometimes they could have the opposit problem.
With the purpose of reducing costs (the purchase of the service takes place only when necessary and transforms fixed costs into variable costs) and the qualitative improvement of the services and / or products supplied, we use strategic choices concerning the organizational asset of the company management: OUTSOURCING.
This kind of activity is offered for companies / businesses with proportionately costs according to the companies /businesses needs, a service GUARANTEE (competence, punctuality and monitoring in the different phases of implementation of the activities) and assistance to the client not only during the agreed activities but expecially in the following phases of management and verification.
Our consulting activity is aimed at manufacturing companies, preferably in the “building closures” sector and is aimed at:
•  Improve organization and efficiency
•  Reduce management costs
•  Improve the quality and safety of products
•  Support the property in new investments
•  Increase presence and visibility on the market
•  Increase turnover

Our resale activity is aimed at individuals or companies that requires quality at the right price as we are able to:
•  Supply all internal and external doors for the building industry, having selected the best suppliers on the Italian and European market;
•  Assist the customer during the design phase of the building
• To solve architectural problems
•  Assist the installer during the installation phase
•  Assist the customer in the after-sales service in case of anomalies or complaints.