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It is designed for the double stretch film packaging of the finished sectional door.
Built according to the following characteristics:
– Maximum dimensions of the package to be packaged: 700x1000x7000 mm;
– Maximum weight of the packable neck: 1000 kg;
– Overall dimensions: 2170x3050x2000 mm
– Front and rear carpet size: 800×1000 mm
– Power supply: 380V – 50 Hz;
– Man-present control with manual / automatic;
– Power consumption 1500 W.
The overall neck, consisting of the panel pack, guides, axle and accessory box, is positioned on the motorized front carpet.
The film is fixed to the front head and then the automatic cycle is started.
The package moves at a controlled speed while the film tightens around it, creating a strong protection.
Once the packaging is finished, the package is ready for storage in the finished products warehouse.